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Website Optimization

Web Optimization covers many different areas, so don’t dive right in before laying the groundwork. The first step for Web Optimization starts with identifying your business goals. For most businesses, the number one goal is increasing leads, but what are your other priorities? Are you looking to expand your service offerings, or grow revenue by a certain percentage?

Website speed matters. Fast-loading sites perform better on all fronts: better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, even higher search rankings. If you’re after mobile traffic (everyone is), site speed becomes even more important. No one wants to download a 4MB website on their smartphone, but most sites are that way. Your website can be different.

Then together we can translate your business goals into website goals. After defining your website goal, we can assign metrics to the goals and start the necessary optimization activities to fulfill the business goals. The costs will be defined in the proposal that explains the timeline to complete the optimization activities.


Landing Page Optimization

Using the LIFT Model and  the Optimization-Formula from MecLabs, each Landing Page will be evaluated from the Value Proposition to the final Call-To-Action


WordPress Optimization

A technical optimization which focuses on the unseen performance areas, which impact how your web pages are delivered to the customer’s device.



Web Page Speed Optimization

Check that each Web Page is optimized for speed based upon current best practices.


Site & SEO Audit

A comprehensive audit of your online presence with a detailed report that shows you the highest priority issues for optimizing your online business presence.


Content Audit

Content has the biggest impact on how your website ranks with the search engines. We review and edit the content so it is more mobile-focused and responsive across other platforms.

You Are Unique, and Your Customers Should Know it

There may be other companies that do what you do, but they don’t do it the same way or have some of the benefits that your company does. There is no standard way to do web optimization or conversion optimization for websites. When we look at your website, check your analytics data, review your Local SEO setup, and the results of the website audit we look for:

  • areas where your customers are contacting you,
  • areas that make sense for a customer to contact you,
  • where your Local SEO could be enhanced,
  • the content of the pages are correctly edited,
  • if your web pages and content are optimized for page speed and SEO impact,
  • and for other areas that some form of web optimization makes sense.

Your business and website are unique. Only by working together to evaluate the data can we determine the best steps to perform your web optimization. Each Web Optimization project is unique for that business, but the principles of optimization and best practices are the same for the selected activities.

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