WordPress Maintenance Care Plans

Building your website is just the beginning. Your website is essential for your businessIt generates leads, customers, and revenue. It’s a crucial channel through which customers, suppliers, and partners will find you and engage with you and your business. Your website is key to the success of your business and you need the peace of mind that it will be accessible to your audience 24/7 without interruption and that it will continue to sustain ongoing business growth.

All software is vulnerable, needs monitoring, and needs updating to stay secure and to take advantage of technology advances. The unfortunate truth is that all software is vulnerable, including WordPress which powers your website. With millions of small businesses websites being attacked every day, monitoring and securing your site is more necessary now than ever.

You can Do It Yourself! But the effort to keep your site up to date, secure, and backed up is time-consuming and can be tedious if you don't know what you are doing. This effort takes you away from what you want to be doing -- which is building your business.

WordPress maintenance care plans are essential to keep your site safe and secure. Think of it like servicing your car. If you don’t put air in your tyres or change the oil, it’s going to let you down. Often, website owners tend to launch a website and then forget about it. They are unaware of how important maintenance is until their site is hacked or it stops working the way it should. WordPress maintenance is essential for your business to stay online and protected.

  • Security – 24/7 security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out.
  • Backups – Secure backups so that your site can be recovered quickly if anything goes wrong.
  • Ongoing Support – We’re here to build long-term partnerships.

Silver Care

$250 per Month
  • Bi-Monthly WordPress theme and plugins updated (minor version upgrades)
  • Bi-Monthly WordPress Optimization of Page revisions Database and Spam Comments
  • Daily Backups to third party server
  • Bi-Monthly Security Scan
  • Bi-Monthly Care Report emailed to you

Golf Care

$325 per Month
  • Monthly WordPress theme and plugins updates (minor version updates)
  • Monthly WordPress Optimization of Page revisions Database and Spam Comments
  • Daily backups to third party server
  • Monthly Security Scan
  • Monthly Care Report emailed to you
  • Monthly Website Audit emailed to you
  • Wordfence Security (Free Version) reviewed

Platnium Care

$775 per Month
  • Monthly WordPress, theme and plugins updates (minor version updates) *
  • Monthly WordPress Optimization of Page revisions, Database and Spam Comments
  • Daily backups to third party server
  • Wordfence Security Paid version ($99 annual subscription is included in care plan)
  • Security Check Daily/Weekly Automated Check
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Up to 1 hour of content updates each month. (does not roll over)
  • Monthly Care Report emailed to you
  • Monthly Local SEO Audit Report emailed to you
  • Monthly Website SEO Audit Report emailed to you

* If we didn't build your website, we require a $300 fee to do a website-audit. Upon completion of the website-audit, we can determine if we will support your WordPress website.

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What We Do in WordPress Maintenance Care Plan

Depending on the Care Plan you select:

We will make sure the code that runs your website is up to date and secure.

We will run regular backups of everything (files, images, content, WordPress software, plugins, everything!)

We will perform website updates each month - whether it's code or content - we've got you covered. (this is stuff like modify content, add a new page of content you supplied, adjust menu items, upload blog post or photo gallery, etc.  Basically general maintenance & updates.)

We will provide you with training videos to teach (or remind) you how to update your site on your own if you wish to do so.

We will be an email or phone call away - or you can use our helpdesk to submit and track your support tickets.

We will provide advice and strategy for your site, your social media marketing, or anything business related. If we can help, we will.

We will work on your local SEO and build citations each month.

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