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(Helps Your Customers Find You)

 Local SEO is essential for any business with a physical location or service to be found online. Increase the number of people who find your small businesses or home-based businesses on search engines. Local SEO is also about, how your customer's talk about you; it’s that review they entered on one of the search sites.

(Makes Your Website Run Faster)

Website speed matters. Fast-loading websites perform better on all fronts: better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, even higher search rankings. If you’re after mobile traffic, site speed becomes even more important. No one wants to download a 4MB website on their smartphone, but most sites are that way. Your website can be different.

(Shows Your Professional Image) 

We create simple yet beautiful designs and then develop them into a tool that will help you reach your goals - whatever they are. We use WordPress because of its flexibility, usability, and because it has become the industry standard for Content Management Systems - currently behind over 30% of the entire web.

Web Consulting is talking, analyzing, diagnosing, planning, and helping businesses to grow and solve their businesses problems. Hoye Web Consulting works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use web technology, Local SEO, UX/UI, traditional SEO, Web Optimization, and Web Design to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Hoye Web Consulting takes a holistic approach to find the best solution for your business need, which is not one thing but many things. Allowing you to pick and choose where you will invest and engage to meet your business goals.

The LIFT Model provides a conversion optimization framework showing the Six Conversion Factors that allow you to evaluate landing pages from the perspective of the page visitor. During the web design, we carefully review the approach and form a solid conclusion using these conversion factors.

When the testing and implementation are done, the way people search and interact with your website will return a positive result for higher conversion rates.

Web Optimization Isn’t Always About Speed!

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