Checklist When Starting a New Website

New Website Checklist:

  • What are you considering for the domain name, like
  • What is the name of your site?
  • The primary purpose of the website is?
  • How do you see people using your website?
  • What information you would like to see on the front page?
  • How would you like the homepage layout to look?
  • What message or graphic would you like displayed if the site is down?
  • What is the title of your website?
  • Provide a short one-sentence description of your website.
  • What is the full description of your website?
  • Provide a list of words you use that describe your website?
  • Do you want to use a logo?
  • What is your logo?
  • What is your favicon (little icon used at the address bar or in the favorites)?
  • Do you want a newsletter?
  • Do you want a news feed?
  • Do you have any testimonials significant to you?
  • Will you want a calendar?
  • Do you want site search capabilities? (search box for the website)
  • Do you have any copyright information?
  • Does your company have a color scheme? (specific color(s))
  • Do you have a specific font you use? What is the font?
  • Some content to include on the About Us page:
    • Company
    • Background
    • Approach (you want to include).
  • This content is for the Contact Us page:
    • The primary email address you want to use
    • Phone number,
    • Cell number,
    • Fax number,
    • Mailing address,
    • Business address,
    • Address to display on the map for directions,
  • Any content you want to be displayed.
  • A mock-up of how you would like the site to look, a hand-drawn diagram is ok.
  • Any web addresses you would like to link to.

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