Keyphrase Research

Keyphrase research should be central to your website SEO plan and design and development of your site. Designed to increase traffic and convert visitors, your site is your greatest marketing tool.

Keyphrase research helps align the content on your pages with the SEO topics that people are searching. Once you know what visitors want, you can create web content that they’ll really enjoy.

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Keyphrase research helps visitors find your site

People are searching for your goods or services right now. Will they find you or will they end up on a competitor’s site? What are the search terms they are typing into a google search? What search terms match your products or services?

This keyphrase research provides you with a list for your needs. You create your content around these strategically chosen key phrases to appear in more searches and reach more people.

Build a sitemap around key topics

A sitemap is the building block of your entire site. It’s what dictates the pages you need and the path your visitors will travel between them. The keyphase research helps define your content structure.

Assigning key topics to each page ensures your visitors will find exactly what they’re looking for on your site.

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Dedicate a single topic to a single page

To ensure a highly targeted search experience, we keep each web page to one topic. Every website on the internet is waiting for visitors and the internet is crawling with them. But for some sites, it could be a long wait.

We do this to keep your site easy to find by indicating its relevance with very specific topics.

Be found in more searches & attract more visitors

We use keyphrase research to find the people who are looking for your content. Your site should contain relevant landing pages, thus becoming a magnet for new subscribers. We help you align the site pages to keywords and structure your content to build trust.

Once a visitor is on your page, we then guide the visitors towards specific calls to action which encourage engagement and help you generate new customers.

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