Search Engine Optimization

A website must do two things, attract a visitor and compel that visitor to take action. Those success factors are measured in two numbers: traffic and conversion rates.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about improving that first number.

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Keyphrase research first

Knowing the questions people are asking is half the battle. The other half is answering those questions.

Each of our projects begins with a deep analysis of relevant topics and key phrases that your content should target. We’ll help you understand why those phrases are important and simple tasks you can take to win them.

Keyphrase research is the nucleus of every site

Competitive Research

We’ll do a competitive analysis to determine the phrases used by your competition. Then we’ll compare that to the questions people are asking.

Finally, we’ll recommend a strategy for ensuring that your visitors wind up visiting your site instead of your competition.


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Search-friendly website architecture

Good website architecture helps to build sites that rank. We do that by creating intuitive site maps that answer top questions before driving visitors through your site.

Then we set up paths that guide visitors through relevant and supporting pages. The goal is to simplify navigation and elevate important content.

Search-friendly content

Reading, writing and editing.

Hoye Web Consulting will uncover your top-ranking pages and migrate them to your new site. Then we’ll edit them to make sure they’ll continue to rank after your new site goes live.

And for all that new content you’ll need to develop

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Technical SEO

The nuts and bolts that hold your site together.

SEO is much more than just words on a page. It also includes the structure of data on your site.

Does your site use markup so that search engines like Google can understand it and provide better search results? What about your sitemap.xml and robots.txt files?

Everything from how fast your pages load to how your URLs are structured is part of search engine optimization.

How good does your website perform?

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