WordPress Web Development

WordPress powers over 30% of the internet. The most popular CMS. It’s user friendly and open source. Frequently updated by a devoted development community, it’s a perfect choice for easy management and robust development and publishing tools.



Get a Custom Designed Site

Not all WordPress sites have to look like a generic WordPress Theme. In the right hands, WordPress is a versatile tool where we can design an exact reflection of your brand. We build each site with:

  • A UX-centered structure
  • A unique blend of images and graphics
  • Colors, buttons, and fonts that reflect your brand
  • Key SEO written into your pages.

Your WordPress site is a collaboration between us, creating a website unlike anything else on the web. We create a site that’s exactly what you need it to be.

Customized to your business

We’ll partner with you from the prototype’s design, the  development, and launch of the website. Together we will review and test each page so it meets one of your business’s goals. 

Working with Hoye Web Consulting means you’ll have the freedom to update your pages without help from a programmer. You will have specific training videos for all the tasks needed to update and maintain your website; all documented in the Website’s Owner Manual.

Yoast SEO Image Page

A search-first process

WordPress uses WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editors that show real-time web design changes before you even publish your page. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to update your content without wondering what it will look like, and because Google loves the way WordPress organizes content, and we build your site with SEO included in your web pages.

You no longer have to fear managing your blog, content and media.  WordPress simplifies content management and publishing. 

Integration and 3rd party tools

The possibilities are endless. So are the integration points. Thanks to an active open source community, WordPress features and functionality are always expanding. 

The decision couldn’t be easier.


Training and Support

Our work doesn’t end when your WordPress site goes live. We’ll train your team on how to use and maintain your new website. We will provide you a Website Owner’s Manual with training videos specific to your website. We provide you the knowledge and tools to bring on a future employee to maintain your website.

Most of our WordPress engagements run between 12-15 weeks. But we’ll stick around long after your website launch—to ensure your site gets the support it needs.

How well do you know your visitors?

Are you confident your site meets the needs of the people who visit it? Gain more meaningful insight into your visitors by making data-driven decisions that engage the people using your site